Are There Different Types of Slot Machines?

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When slot machines are introduced in the casino, it has become very famous among all other casino games. Newly or casual visitors think that all these games are similar. But there are so many different types of slot machine games in a casino.

Playing online slot machine games does not require skills; people can play these online slot machine games anyplace. By playing these online slot machine games people can also get entertained and along with this they can also earn some exciting prizes like money, rewards, and bonuses. Here are some different types of slot machine games you will be able to see on 123bet.

1. Video Slots

This type of online slot machine game is most common among all people. Video slots offer various offers to you, you can get a free spin to multiply your earned bonus. In the video slot, there are some symbols and reels used that give you excitement.

2. Fruit Machine Game

This type of game is also called one-armed bandits. This type of online slot machine game is designed bright, and colorful and has fruit signs on the reels.

This kind of slot machine game has more crowd than any other type of slot game. There are three or more spinning reels. You can win the prize money in this game by creating a combination of the fruit symbols.

3. Progressive Slots

The progressive slot is also known as the progressive jackpot slot. This type of slot game is generally seen in online and offline casinos, but there is a limitation to playing this type of slot machine game. In this type of game, people need to play with higher bets.

In this type of online slot betting, sites or companies shows the collection of total money placed by the bettors. Therefore, progressive jackpot slots come with a variety of themes, and there are three or four reels on the screen.

4. 3D Slots

Online slot machines are uncompleted without mentioning this type. This type of online slot machine game is designed in many different ways. It is highly designed by the famous culture, cinema films, and by play station games.

5. Multiple Payline Slot Machine

This type of online slot machine has a set number of lines that are displayed to the gamblers. It’s the bettor’s choice much bet they want to make on each line. If the line on which you make bet and the line that is displayed by the operators matched when the payout will be more than any other type of slot machine. Multiple pay line slot machines also provide so many different bonuses and free spins.

Famous Features that Are Given by All Slot Games

However, every type of online slot machine game comes with different features; here are some common features that are seen in all types of games:

  • Get a chance for a free spin
  • Sliding sign
  • Wild Multipliers
  • Earn More Bonus


Next time whenever you want to play an online slot machine game then must remember these all types of games. You can also go for the free trial before making your first deposit.

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