How To Find The Best Air Hose Reels For Workshops?

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Air Hose Reels

Every industry has air hoses to work with. But one thing that can pose a problem is the fact that these hoses can lie around on the ground when not in use or when the hose is too long. This is the reason why one should opt for an air hose reel which keeps the hose in place. Air hoses can be fixed and wound to the reel and this reel can be fixed on the wall without causing anyone to trip while walking around. But there are several air hose reels to choose from. The air hose reels working is best when it is chosen based on the air hose type and its working and materials.

These are the few things that one should keep in mind while picking any air hose reels.

Type of air hose reel

There are two types of air hose reels that one may come across in workshops:

  1. Retractable reels: these are automatic and the hose can be retracted from it without any pull. It can be mounted anywhere even on ceilings and it will not pose a problem. It is perfect for bigger workshops.
  2. Manual reels: these are manual in nature, means one will have to wound the hose around and they pull it out using manual force. Also one needs to be careful while mounting the reel and need to find a place that is suitable and reachable.

Where to mount air hose reels?

Usually when it comes to air hose reels working there are three types of mounting options:

  1. Wall mounting: in this, the hose reel is mounted on the wall in the workshop.
  2. Ceiling mounting: in this, the hose reel is mounted on the ceiling and one needs to pick a retractable reel.
  3. Table mounting: in this, the reel is mounted on a table. This is good for smaller workshops and can also cause accidents to happen.

The mounting of the air hose reels should be sturdy and that is why one should attention to the mounting bracket as well. For larger workshops where the air hose is used a lot one should pick a 4 holes mounting bracket to give sturdiness and stability. For domestic and home garage purposes, one can pick 2 holes mounting brackets.

Hose quality

This is another factor that one should consider before buying any hose reel. This will tell the type of hose it will come with. Every material has its own durability, longevity, affordability. If you are confused about which one to buy then first check it’s reviews at  There are materials like hybrid polymer, PVC, rubber, and polyurethane to choose from. One should also take into consideration the temperature resistance of the hose, in some workshops the temperature can be high and this can cause the hose to get damaged over time. One of the weakest materials is PVC while the most sturdy and durable of them all is the polyurethane.

How to maintain the air hose reels and hoses?

Few things that one should keep in mind to make the hose and reel long last are:

  • One should not rewind the dirty hose.
  • Always keep an eye on the reel mechanism and its connectors.
  • One should make sure that there is no cross-threading or else it can cause damage and leakage.

To make sure that the hose lasts longer during every season one should buy the best air hose reels and also should maintain it timely. This way the hose’s working will not be compromised and the reel will stable as well.

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