Best Poker Movies to Watch on Netflix in this Lockdown

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Poker is a national game of cards played between 2 to 14 people. Like the literal meaning of the word “poker,” which pokes someone, while playing a poker game, the players poke each other to call, increase, and fold the bets. It is a gambling activity, so the players place a wager on each bet.

The last player standing wins the pot. Since playing poker, Slots, Judi and dewabet118 have become a legal activity on average, 40 million people play poker daily. The entertainment industry gets it’s the actual storyline from this lucrative sport. The audience fancies movies on poker and gambling because it has a dramatic effect, it tells about the game up, close and personal. Netflix is one of the most highly viewed portals for movies. Some of the best poker movies on Netflix are:

21 (2008) 

The plot talks about a mathematics major, Ben Campbell, who studies at MIT and is accepted at Harvard Medical School but couldn’t afford the tuition fees. To cover the cost, he applies for an eminent Robinson Scholarship. The director tells him that the student who dazzles him will get the scholarship. His professor back at MIT, Micky Rosa, hires five exceptionally brilliant students to take on one of the biggest heists in a Las Vegas casino. The movie revolves around emotions like love, money, jealousy, power, and fame. 

Win It All (2017) 

The movie talks about a gambling addict, Eddie Garret, who works as a parking attendant to support his habits. Eddie meets an acquaintance who asks him to keep a bag in exchange for money while he is headed to prison. Eddie opens the sack and discovers cash which he takes to gamble. After that, he lets his addiction get the best of him, and he perpetually gambles with the money until he reaches a place where he ends up owing twenty-one thousand dollars.  

The Gambler (2014)

Jimmy Bennett, a gambling addict, and a literature professor end up in dangerous fixation where he borrows money from a gangster and offers his life as collateral. He lands up in trouble and is surrounded by enemies trying to kill him. 

Casino Tycoon (1992)

Andy Lau, an ambitious student, faces challenging peaks and valleys in his journey to become a gambler. A meandering and complicated drama, comedy with bloody violence later replaced by slushy and must romance is just the movie to be seen.

Poker is a wealth of knowledge. It is a highly challenging game and requires sharp mental acuity. The competition which breaths in the air gives an adrenaline rush to the game players. It indeed involves the element of luck but, deepen knowledge and skill will help for long-lasting success.

Playing poker requires discipline, high-intensity focus, and controlled emotions. They say we can judge a man’s character from the way he plays poker. Poker is an alluring and entertaining game where movie makers use poker’s growing popularity in their movies, as shown in all the best poker movies on Netflix.

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