How does a random orbital sander work? Step by Step Guide

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Best Orbital Sanders

Let us imagine a situation where you are asked to polish a surface, let it be any surface, be it a metal or a wooden one, and give it an excellent finishing. You are given only sandpaper to carry out this job. Won’t it be too difficult and painful to polish the whole surface with sandpaper? And it would consume a lot of time. What if we use a machine to carry out this job? It would be too easy to work, and besides, you can save a lot of time.

A machine known as a random orbital sander is used to get polished and cleaned surfaces.

Besides polishing, it is also used to get a well-prepared surface before and after the painting. It is also used for ultra-smooth sanding and can be used on plastic, wood, or metalworking. We can find this tool is commonly used in workshops and wood shops.

Many of us might be curious to know the mechanism and working of the machine, the device that allows us to get a highly polished, clean, and glistening surfaces and that too, with fewer efforts. The best orbital sander has a light and secure mechanism that allows it to be used under any circumstances. Let us have a look at it.

Best Orbital Sanders

The device involves a lot of major and minor parts in the framework and the interior and exterior structure of the sander. Still, one of the essential elements is the spinning disk. The spinning disk randomly spins on the surface, moving in the form of an ellipse. This random sanding action prevents the swirl marks on the surface, giving the surface a nice and clean polish. The spinning disks usually are 5 inches in size, and the size may vary according to the need. The best random orbital sanders come with an inbuilt ball-bearing suspension mechanism. This ball bearing allows the tool to be used on any random texture, be it too rough, smooth, or a little undulated.

If there is any hard surface, the bearings adjust the force of the application of the disk. If it’s too rough, they vibrate more, and for a little smoother surface, the vibrations are less, a quality which only best random orbital sanders include. Like a typical sander, the disk does not rotate on a fixed axis. Instead, the shaft spins and oscillates as well, which creates a random scratch pattern, which is not exactly the same if compared with any other modes.

The shaft is connected to an automated, robust, low vibration, and dynamically balanced housing motor, with a high power of 270w, aimed at highly smooth and productive work.  It includes most of the space of the body of the tool. A cooling fan comes attached to the motor, preventing the overheating.

The best random orbital sanders also have a dust box, generally fitted at the end of the tool, that helps keep the unused and unhealthy dust to minimum quantity. Here, human health is also taken care of.

The structure also has an inbuilt vacuum cleaner, that extracts the dust from the surface and keeps the workpiece neat and clean. Many sanders do not have this feature, but the best random orbital sanders are included with an automated and inbuilt vacuum cleaner. It also saves your time on repetitive cleaning of the workpiece.

It also has a handle at the top that helps to give a firm grip on the tool, preventing it from sliding off the hands. It has various grip possibilities; the best random orbital sanders are mainly equipped with the round grip areas to ensure a maximum area for a better grip.

A variable speed selection switch allows us to set the rotating disk’s speed, depending on nature and the details we expect on the surface, which is also a mandatory feature of the best random orbital sander.

On the direct supply of the electricity, the mechanical power gets amount, and the shaft rotates. This shaft is connected to the rotating sand disk, that allows us to work on a surface.

These machines allow us to work on complicated surfaces and gives us a lot of precision. Moreover, it saves you a lot of time and makes this dull and boring work a bit interesting. It is a great tool, and the best random orbital sander can be relied on getting quality and an excellent job done.

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