how to buy dog foods which keeps them healthy?

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Dog Food

It’s said that dogs are the best friends of humans. They are loyal and amazingly funny sometimes. But many people think that it’s easy to buy and raise a pet. In reality, we need to take care of so many things while raising a pet whether it’s dog, cat, or any other animal.

Before buying any pet you need to consider about their food, accommodation means pet house and training (In case of dogs and cats). Food and accommodation are very important and both are easily available at any pet store. In case if your budget is not that big then you can also go for some cheap dog beds and homemade food. So in this post, we will discuss what are the best foods for dogs and their advantages.

The main thing is you need to know the daily food requirements of your dog. Some dogs have been known to be allergic to chicken or fish. Also, take into consideration your dog’s age. Puppies may have different nutrient requirements than mature dogs.

Dog Food

The item must not need artificial coloring-additives or other preservatives. Your dog could have side effects of the artificial chemicals used by some services and products. Here are some of the points you need to keep in mind.

  • Watch if the product has additional sources of nutrients like fruits, vegetables and also Look for the seal from the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), a set of volunteers who examine animal feed. The AAFCO includes guidelines on what must be on the labels of such products. Also, be aware once you watch the label a seal of “human grade.” A few vets warn that eating foods that are safe for humans might not often be safe for pet consumption.

These things may be helpful while you are buying something for your Dog.

Also, give priority to give your homemade food it will be the best health precautions for them.

There many advantages of homemade foods that are following


  • It will be cheaper for any pet parents because it will be made by you at home like with your daily food so you need to require to spend money over them.
  • It may seem in regular in manner or Regulation of food Quality.
  • It is very fresh and maybe it is not preserved so it is very very important for a pet to take fresh food.
  • This is the best option for less waste and less cost for the household. You are able to organize your own families’ food — both for the human and dog– ahead of the time and help you save money by buying protein sources like vegetables, fruits, and vegetables in bulk.

Some Human Food that is also useful for Dog also.

  • Apples :

Apples deliver many vital vitamins for dogs, including vitamins A and C. Apples can also be a fantastic source of fiber, which could help modulate your pet dog’s digestion. But, eating rotting apples may result in alcohol poisoning.

  • Dairy Products:

Dairy products, such as milk, cheese, and plain yogurt, are safe for dogs to get very small amounts. Eating an excessive amount of dairy can cause digestive problems. This is only because dogs possess low quantities of lactase, a digestive enzyme that breaks down the sugars in milk. Dogs using lactose intolerance should not eat dairy products.

  • Peanuts:

Dogs could eat peanuts. They have been full of calcium, which is essential for good bone health. Because of their high sugar content, peanuts should merely be an occasional treat for the dogs.

  • Watermelons:

Watermelon is safer for dogs to eat, but it is necessary to eliminate all the seeds as these can block the intestines. Chewing on the rind can also result in an upset stomach, therefore get rid of this too before giving the peas into your pet dog. Watermelon has higher water content, therefore it can help keep dogs hydrated. It is also a fantastic source of vitamins C, A, and B-6.

Make note that:

Many human foods are wholesome and safe for dogs. However, someone should generally feed dogs those foods in moderation, so as larger quantities may result in medical difficulties. Consult a dog trainer before giving any food to puppies. If a food contains alcohol Chocolate, coffee, and caffeine Products than please don’t give them.

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