Is It Possible To Learn Piano Without A Piano?

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Piano on Computer

Are you wondering the exact same thing? Then let’s get started with the basics. The Piano is an acoustic musical instrument that uses strings that are struck using dense-wool covered wooden hammers. It is played using a keyboard that consists of 52 white and 36 raised black keys for variations in musical elements.

How to learn to play the Piano?

There are numerous ways to learn a piano, but only if you have your hands on a real piano. You can take offline or online classes at a reasonable price. Or you can approach video-streaming sites like YouTube and Udemy to learn how to play the Piano on computer.

It is all about learning to read your musical notes. If you do not play according to the notes, you will soon lose your interest in learning the instrument. This applies to every tool and gadget. You need the hardware to have a practice session, and to become a perfectionist.

But the real question is it possible to learn Piano without Piano?

The answer can be both “Yes” and “No.”

As discussed earlier, if you are doing something without having physical access to the hardware, we will lose interest. Thus, it becomes hard to focus on that particular task, and you won’t even like to play the virtual game anymore.

But there are always possibilities, and we are going to look for the options too.

Learning requires the ability to read and understand. If you do learn to read music and recognize the notes, you can visualize what keys are being pressed. You can do so by using software on your computer, which can teach you how to follow the steps above.

If you are lucky, you can find keyboard apps that can be played by pressing the keys on your PC’s keyboard.

Thus, now arises a question, whether you can learn to play the Piano on a computer?

Yes, everyone can learn to play Piano on the computer. But playing Piano on a computer can have its own limits. You can use a touchscreen laptop or those 2-in-1 laptops to touch and play Piano on the computer. No, I am not saying that you have to connect a physical piano. There are various virtual piano apps for your Windows PC as well as Mac.

Otherwise, you can also use a virtual piano which can be played using your computer keyboard and mouse. Learn the keys, e.g., what set of keypads give off the A, B, C, D, E, F, G notes, and the major-minor scales. Or you can use your mouse to click and play the Piano on the computer.

There is a website called Virtual Piano. It is effortless to play Piano on this site due to its user-friendly UI and simplicity. It does not require any logins or verifications to play Piano on the computer on its website. Instead of playing Piano on the computer, you can use your smartphone too. We tried and tested the site for you to be safe. The site offers music sheets, learning/teaching opportunities as well as tournaments.

Another such website is called Online Pianist. It is a site where you can play the Piano on the computer and has stickered the notes on its keys for ease of learning. You can also download its app using its download link to use Online Pianist on your Android Smartphone.

Similarly, there are apps for PCs to enable ease of learning to play Piano on the computer. Some of those apps are A73 Piano Station (A73 Piano Station lets you play a virtual piano on PC for no particular reason or in any event, learning music. Piano, yet in addition furnished with synthesizer and band. You can play the piano and different instruments without extra equipment.) and EOP Software. These are the renowned apps to play Piano on the computer. Do understand that there can also be games to play the Piano on the computer, like Zebra Keys, which can contribute equally to your learning piano on the computer.

Other sites to learn virtual Piano on a computer are the Method Behind the Music and Apronus: Flash Piano. Both of these sites require the Adobe Flash Player plugins to run the Piano on the computer. Recursive Arts is a site that is instead a universal player to play guitar and Piano on the computer.

These are the possibilities we were talking about. There are more, and as long as you are enthusiastic about learning, you can look for more sites and apps to learn. And just because you do not have a real piano in hand, your learning should not stop. We wish you luck!

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