Top 10 Modern Bridal Hair Style Ideas

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Bridal Hair Style

Being a bride is one of the fantastic feelings of the world; no one can describe off. We comprehend the stimulating sensation; when you understand, you will be at the centre of attention for a day- your wedding day. After all, it’s your day; you need to look incredible.  So, are you anxious about what hairstyle goes with your wedding outfit?

Well, don’t worry. Here we come up with ample options for you to try on and decide what you want to do with your hair on your wedding day. Check out some of the most stunning bridal hairstyle ideas.

Bridal Hair Style

The messy bun

The most incredible feature of this bun is that you don’t want to visit a hair stylist for this because it goes well with every hair type. You don’t need to worry whether your hair is too straight or too curly; whether your hair is less voluminous, or too thick. You can go for this hairstyle without giving a second thought. This bun looks great with traditional as well as contemporary wedding outfits. You can pair it with some hair accessories such as hairpins and flowers.

The bubble braid

This hairstyle, as the name suggests, looks like a bubble at specific points in your braid. This hairdo enables your hair to look voluminous and works out positively for traditional outfits. You can use some embellishments with the twist such as small stones or flowers put arbitrarily, to make it increasingly alluring.

Half tied braided hair

In this hairstyle, you braid up a small section, the upper part of your hair and leave the rest of the hair loose. This hairstyle goes well with traditional as well as western outfits. One can also glam it up with fresh flowers in the middle of the braided and the released bit of hair.

Keep it free

You can keep your hair loosened up and open too, without any sought of tying. Pair this hairstyle with accessories such as a tiara, or flowers placed on one ear with hair tugged, small stones scattered randomly by leaving the hair on one side.

A pretty ponytail

This hairstyle comes with the advantage of no fuss. In this way, you can pull over the entirety of your hair into a high, long braid and afterwards put on certain embellishments, for example, clasps and stones. A crown will likewise work out positively for it.

The ballerina bun

The ballerina bun goes well outside the ballroom too. You need to knot-up your hair a little high. This gives a tasteful completion to the hair without any mess. You can pair a maang tika (forehead ornament) with it or artificial flowers too.

Colourful ends

Try colouring the ends of your hair with fluorescent colours. It looks gorgeous with any hairstyle from half braids, to the ponytail to fishtail braids. It also goes well with open hair. You can use floral tiara or hair jewellery to accessorize.

Braided updo

It is usually said that the braided updo hairstyle gives you a ‘Bohemian’ look. It gives you a combined look of a traditional and modernized bride. The hairstyle can be paired with a tiara.

Multiple French braid bun

This bun is made out of multiple French braids, braided on sections of your hair and then tying them together, you can pull out some hair to keep them loose and then use pearl-embellished hair clip with it.

Braids plus gush curls

This hairstyle goes well with curly hair. So, you can choose to curl- up your hair and make multiple braids leaving some hair loose giving it a messy look to the hair. Accessorizing with flowers will go well with this hairstyle.


After trying all these bridal hairstyles, we are quite sure that you can decide the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day. You can combine any of these hairstyles and alter it as your own to suit you the best. And remember, these hairstyles go well, not just for your wedding, but with the engagement, reception and other parties too!!

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