Mutal Funds

What is Mutual Fund? Is it better then Bank FD?

What are Mutual Funds? A mutual fund is a type of economic organization made up of a pool of money accumulated from many investors to put money into securities such as stocks, bonds, money market…

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financial advisor

How Financial Advisor Helps Small Business owners to increase sales?

Most business owners want their business to succeed also to be handed to a saver. However, it’s difficult to deal with all of the financial aspects of your personal and business life when you’re busy…

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satoshi nakamoto

Who is inventor of Bitcoin? Is it Satoshi Nakamoto?

There are many conspiracy theories on who is the founder of Bitcoin. Is it Satoshi Nakamoto or anyone else? The best mystery in the tech world today is not how bitcoin works, however, it’s about…

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What is Cryptocurrency and How it works?

A cryptocurrency is an electronic digital or virtual money designed to function as a medium of exchange. It uses cryptography to protect and verify transactions and to restrain the production of new components of a…

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